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“Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.. Ebola.”

We want to start off this post by putting everyone’s heart at ease about what seems to be the “elephant in the room” about our team being on the ground in Africa …. Ebola. The Ebola pandemic is concentrated in West Africa currently, many many miles away from East Africa, where Tanzania is located. We are praying for West Africa, those affected by the outbreak and their loved ones, and for it not to make its way towards our mission field.

Home is where you make it.

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The team has been on the ground for about 6 weeks now, building a home, chicken coop, goat house, and shed in preparation for DiDi (Endurance) and Moses to arrive. We are happy to announce that the house is near completion, with finishing touches to be completed in the next 3 weeks, just in time to welcome the entire Myer family on August 25th!! Endurance & Moses will finally be reunited with their father and husband, James. While James is waiting for his family to arrive he has some special little ones to keep him company. A number of local children have adopted our missionaries as their own. Below are pictures of Jessica and Ezekiel, some new found friends for our team.

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Adding to the Body of Christ with Zaramo Brethren


With the house substantially complete and the men itching to share the gospel, our missionaries took a construction break and ventured into the Zaramo community to proclaim the good news. Meeting with a group of 4 men on the side of the road, Trevor shared about the love and life of Jesus Christ. God stirred their hearts and three of the men accepted Christ and are looking forward to learning more about Yesu Kristo and the book written by God that they’ve heard so much about. Hallelujah!

Coming Home

Two of our missionaries – Trevor Batton and Robert Spivey, who travelled with James to help lay the foundation for him and his family, have returned state side after their stay in Tanzania. Both men have returned with a fire in their hearts to keep reaching the unreached. Keep praying for Trevor as he finishes his last year at Texas A&M University. He has committed his life to fulfilling his calling of taking the Gospel of Christ to those who have never heard. He will join the Myer family in Tanzania next year. Robert is returning earlier than scheduled due to some unforeseen medical issues. Pray for the Spivey family as they continue to pray about where the Lord would have them serve the unreached.



The Myer family is completely funded by supporters like you and because of your support, they were able to purchase their first family vehicle for the mission field, a 200cc Chinese motorcycle or as they would say in Swahili “piki-piki”. This vehicle will provide a way for the family to go into town when needed, but most importantly, it will be a way for them to spend intentional time with the Zaramo people group. This motorcycle will take aquaponics, agricultural education, and most importantly the gospel out to the Zaramo. These things are possible because of you giving to, supporting and praying for this ministry. We cannot thank you enough for being a part of the vision God has placed on our hearts to reach the unreached. Asante sana! (Thank you very much!)

Become a Supporter

So what can we do? For those of us who want to be an active part of God’s mission of reaching the unreached but aren’t quite ready to fly over and join the Myers (yet), what can we do to spread the Gospel into these unreached parts of the world? My advice – be ZEALOUS.


Be a zealous goer.

You can contact the Director of Communications (me) for ways to get involved with being a zealous goer and join the Myers on the ground in Tanzania.

Be a zealous giver.

As always, you can support the Myers or any of the members of the team by going to our support page.

Pray Zealously

Pray. Pray. Pray.

-Native pastors to join on mission with the Myers and take the gospel to the Zaramo

-The Zaramo & surrounding tribes; that the Lord will prepare their hearts and minds

– Pray for swift healing of James’ bacterial infection

-Travel plans for DiDi & Moses as they leave in for Tanzania on August 24th

-Pray for protection from Ebola and Malaria

-James serving alone until DiDi and Moses arrive

-The 1520 unreached team stateside and their efforts to spread awareness about unreached people groups

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Jordan Hope's passion is to reach those around her and to the ends of the earth with the life changing reality of Jesus Christ. Her passion is to serve orphans in any way, shape or form. She currently works as a foster mom to adolescent boys near Austin, TX. Jordan met the Myers in 2012 and joined them in their journey to take the gospel to the unreached. She currently resides in Austin, Texas where she serves at Wells Branch Community Church as the Missions Ministry Administrator.

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