“The Myers are spending their first day in the city before Didi and Moses transition into the area that they will call home for the next 10-15 years.”

Two months ago, James Myer drove off from his suburban home in Austin, TX leaving behind his wife and child to build a house. A house that does not have running water, air conditioning, indoor plumbing or matching furniture. In spite of these things, this house will be called home to the Myers and so many others as they sacrifice to take the Gospel to an unreached part of the world. While we were sleeping here in the states, James was finally reunited with his family. Endurance (DiDi), Moses and Mama Myer landed in Dar Es Salaam to be reunited with their husband, father and son. After 2 months of not seeing him, 9 month old Moses immediately recognized his Daddy. Of course it must have been hard to forget that beard! The Myers are spending their first day in the city before Didi and Moses transition into the area that they will call home for the next 10-15 years.

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A little bit of Home

James has worked diligently over these last two months to prepare this home for his family. Some exciting discoveries over this last month include Pringles, pigs in a blanket (called Roll Bags in Africa) and mouth wash! In addition to the Boda Boda (motorcycle) the Myer family also purchased a cow. Her name is Ronda Rowsey and she is just one of 10 cows they are seeking to purchase in the near future. Kulea Childcare Villages has played a huge part in getting our team into Tanzania and we are so grateful for their partnership. Pictured below is Ronda, our new friend Jordan and children of the Kulea villages.


Friendship on the Mission front

Over the last months, James has met with two men that are currently seeking the Lord to decide whether to continue a partnership with our missions team. Nicomed is an African business owner. He owns 6 businesses ranging from construction supplies, lumber, motorcycle parts and a chicken farm of over 4,000+ chickens. After a number of heart to hearts about James’ favorite Bible verses and Nicomed sharing about his Catholic faith, he has expressed the need to be apart of what Kulea and 1520 is doing in the area. Networking with him could open many doors for the Myers in the area. Another young man who James has been connecting with is named Eliah. A father to 10 orphans, Eliah is a pastor from Arusha that first began his ministry in seminary and with the Masai tribe 25 years ago when they were still classified as an unreached people group. He has since planted 32 churches of different denominations in the Masai tribe. His heart feels pulled towards the Zaramo people and is praying about partnering with 1520.


Tanzania as a whole is not considered unreached, but there is a people group, over one million people, who have never heard the name of Jesus, never seen a Bible, and do not know any religion except for what has been fed to them by culture and the standing government. The Zaramo, one million people without Christ, without hope. Wouldn’t you give up everything to take Christ to them? As a missions team, we are praying Luke 10:2 daily. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” After returning to Texas, Trevor Batton says the one thing that remains with him is the somber reality of how much work there is to do to reach the Zaramo people. Factors like distance, culture, language and timing seem to be growing concerns of getting the Gospel out to the Zaramo. There is a vast harvest but an even greater God. We are asking that you join us in prayer.


Caleb, Trevor & Shep praying for the Myers and Missions at WBCC State of the Church


-To the God of the harvest for more laborers

-For the Zaramo people

-Native pastors to find a heart of evangelism for their own people

-Transition time for Didi & Moses

-Nicomed & Eliah

-Kulea Childcare Villages

– Health for the Myers (James still recovering from a bacterial infection)

-1520 unreached team


If you would like to partner with this ministry, you can go to the Support page and follow through there. Be a part of what the Lord is doing “to the ends of the earth.” If you would like to show your support with a shirt contact Jordan Hope

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Jordan Hope's passion is to reach those around her and to the ends of the earth with the life changing reality of Jesus Christ. Her passion is to serve orphans in any way, shape or form. She currently works as a foster mom to adolescent boys near Austin, TX. Jordan met the Myers in 2012 and joined them in their journey to take the gospel to the unreached. She currently resides in Austin, Texas where she serves at Wells Branch Community Church as the Missions Ministry Administrator.

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