Snakes, Shovels & Souls

“We are celebrating many victories in Tanzania this week, but there are still needs to be met and many people to be reached.”

Snakes Snakes Snakes

Since leaving the states on June 23rd, our missions team has experienced all too well the inevitable change in culture that has come with their move to Tanzania. James Myer, founder of 1520, had his first close encounter with a black mamba only a couple of days after being on the ground and later that week, two of their dogs were killed by boa constrictors. What would be a lifetime of snake experiences here in the states, is only the beginning for the Myers. “[We] are not worried” says James reminding us of the words of Jesus in Luke 10, “Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.”

Construction Many of 1520’s supporters have asked about the progress of the construction and the mental state of the team. It has been our heart’s joy to see photos and hear stories of the progress being made daily on the land. Below is a gallery of photos from some of the current projects that are being built to sustain our missionaries. John Myer has been spearheading the building of a goat house that will house goats to provide milk as well as meat for the family in the future. All of the team has been hard at work with laying the foundation of the Myer’s earthbag* home. And apparently all you need to remodel your toilet seat is duct tape, thank you for that revelation Robert Spivey! It also seems that the African made tools might not be strong enough for these American workers, many have met their end at the hands of our missionaries. Missionary Care Missionary care is one thing that we focus on here at 1520unreached and it’s been difficult for us not being able to serve the team hands on now that they’re in Africa. For that reason we are so grateful for the Chalinze Baptist Church family who provided our team with such a wonderful meal consisting of wali, chapati, samaki, kchambari & kiazi, as well as fellowship. It’s amazing and humbling to see how the Lord will take a family whose house is a 8×8 mud hut and use them to provide for our missionary team while they are on the ground. It really leaves us here in America with no excuses not to serve those around us. Souls Saved 


Robert Spivey & James Myer with Serena & Majunto who just received Christ

James was given the opportunity to speak this Sunday morning at the Chahua Baptist Church. While they were building this week and preparing for this service, the team had prayed for the Lord to move in the hearts of the people in the area. Their prayers were answered this morning. A Muslim man, Majuto, featured above in the red shirt, had a rough Saturday when his Muslim boss heard that he would be attending a Christian church and fired him from his job. His family, after hearing this, explained to Majuto that if he believed in Jesus he would not be able to return home. That didn’t stop him from making his way into church this morning. After hearing the gospel presented, Majuto trusted in Jesus as his Savior. Serena, the woman holding her baby, was walking by the church this morning and came in to listen to the “mzungu” or white man speak. She also came to faith in Christ this morning.   We are celebrating many victories in Tanzania this week, but there are still needs to be met and many people to be reached. Be in prayer for Majuto as he is now homeless and jobless. Pray for the spiritual growth of our new brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray that our team will not grow weary in doing good.

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John loving on some of the local children

John’s goat house

The beginning of setting the foundation

Foundation is up and so is the door

Toilet – Before

Toilet – After

Tool Casualties

Homemade African meal

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