Sorting Beans!

Sorting Beans!

You know how you hate some things so much you block them out of your memory until you’re confronted with the avoidable situation again. I have couple of those like cleaning toilets, shaving, taking Moses to any type of medical/dental check-up…and here in Africa, the simple tedious task of sorting beans!

And the strategy works! I had blocked this out of my memory so well, frolicking in the sea of canned beans of America, that I had completely forgot about the whole ordeal until I went to the market and saw them – bins of beans littered with rocks, twigs, bugs, and dirt. My heart trembled, and I contemplated just substituting them with eggs or protein shakes at the dinner table, but alas I whimpered a little and said “kilo moja” (one kilogram please).



And there I was at home, with Abel at my side, sorting beans with a sour face and terrible disposition, and a “truth” bean pelted me on the forehead. I stopped for a second and the realization hit me, ‘I am, we are all, the beans, and God sorts us. This is what God does!’  Wow. Whoa. Ughhh. Moment of humanity, as I’m just complaining up a storm. This is what the Lord does. God counts beans every day. A limitless array of ugly, filthy, conniving, rough, stubborn, calloused beans; emotional, ungrateful beans and I’m one of them.

Isn’t He amazing? He formed us in our mothers’ wombs, knowing our most intimate parts. He sorts us every day. And He doesn’t grow tired, weary, or complain as all our imperfections show through. He throws out the twigs and rocks, and carefully tends to and cleans all his beautifully imperfect beans. Praise God today in the little things, the undesirable tasks, and small annoyances. Thank God for sorting us out and sacrificing His son Jesus Christ as the complete atonement for our sins. Remember, you and me are worse than we think, and remember also that God’s gift of righteousness to us is greater than we could ever imagine.

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