Tanzania Pt. 2, Chapter 1

Tanzania Pt. 2, Chapter 1

Back in Africa and it feels great to be home. We’re all sweating, even baby Abel, but we’re excited to jump right into our second term! Our faithful pastors have been working hard in our absence and the Lord has magnified their efforts.

Three churches in 4 months!

This is the exciting part of the 1520 ministry approach. Pastor Eliah, our lead church planter pictured below, has began preaching in three new areas (Kilangalanga, Janga, and Disunyara). A total of 40 new Christians have converted from the Islamic faith. On top of that Pastor Eliah is training 3 young men with hearts for the Lord and their people, who want to be pastors. He is using the money from his bee hives to reach his own people. Let’s allow strong African men to do what they know God called them to, and just be the engine behind them. They lead, we give a little power.


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